Here are just a few sample comments on the type of feedback Mark Grant gets:

“Wow! he really cares about giving quality service and gets the job done right… thank you so much" (R.Toledano)

"Professional work, reasonable rates, and such convenience- when I have a problem I know with confidence that it will be solved quickly by calling Mark Grant" (R. Leveille)

"I simply cannot believe the know- how this guy has- my computer was driving me crazy, I was ready to toss it... Mark came in and made everything make sense and work!!! I cannot recommend him enough."(S. Feld)

"I know no one more reliable or knowledgeable about Computers than Montreal Computer Help’s Mark Grant” (S. Reich)

"He not only knows his stuff but is patient and understanding when his clients do not understand things... a real god send when you are in computer hell!" (N. Rodgers)

“I called Montreal Computer Help when my screen would not do anything but show an error message- I thought it was hopeless. Mark reassured me and quickly arrived at my home and literally saved the day- repairing and reinstalling all that I thought I had lost. He is like an emergency doctor when your computer is in trouble and he is a master surgeon trust me.” (A. Lemieux)

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