I will come to your house or office or you can bring your PC to me.

I simply cannot believe the know- how this guy has- my computer was driving me crazy, I was ready to toss it... Mark came in and made everything make sense and work!!! I cannot recommend him enough."
(S. Feld)

Services include:
  • Installation and setting up of Computer
  • Setting up and getting you all ready with your various programs
  • Tutoring on using a computer with lots of patience!
  • Getting rid of that nasty virus
  • Video card problems
  • Error messages on screen
  • Installation of software (antivirus programs, music, camera, anything!)
  • Set up of home networking
  • Computer tune up- optimize your operating speed.
  • Basic training of Word, Powerpoint, Windows, how to burn a disk, working with digital photos etc
  • Any kind of troubleshooting
  • Tons of tips and tricks to help you navigate your computer faster and happier.

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